lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Pollos hacinados, radios piratas, Sartre, rockeros y un asesinato

Una fantástica historia real que parte de la Inglaterra de posguerra, con un granjero de pollos subsidiado que lucha con tesón contra el horrible intervencionismo del gobierno, emisoras de radio piratas en lucha y abordaje, Sartre viéndose remotamente involucrado en un complot de ultraderecha, un carismático y teatral rockero dándolo todo, y un brutal asesinato "en defensa propia" cometido por uno de los mismísimos campeones que nos trajeron de vuelta el "free market" tan denostado desde el crack del 29. 

Completa con fotografías y vídeos, un par de horas de entretenimiento insólito y esclarecedor:

It is about the rise of the modern Think Tank and how in a very strange way they have made thinking impossible. 
Think Tanks surround politics today and are the very things that are supposed to generate new ideas. But if you go back and look at how they rose up - at who invented them and why  - you discover they are not quite what they seem. That in reality they may have nothing to do with genuinely developing new ideas, but have  become a branch of the PR industry whose aim is to do the very opposite - to endlessly prop up and reinforce today's accepted political wisdom. 
So successful have they been in this task that many Think Tanks have actually become serious obstacles to really thinking about new and inspiring visions of how to change society for the better. 
It is also a fantastically rich story about English life that takes you into a world that's a bit like Jonathan Coe's wonderful novel 'What a Carve Up', but for real. It is a rollicking saga that  involves all sorts of things not normally associated with think tanks - chickens, pirate radio, retired colonels, Jean Paul Sartre, Screaming Lord Sutch, and at its heart is a dramatic and brutal killing committed by one of the very men who helped bring about the resurgence of the free market in Britain.  

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