miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Qué temen los super ricos

"Golem XIV" ofrece una brillante explicación de por qué estamos siendo forzados a pagar las impagables deudas de la banca privada.

Mi conclusión:
Si se dejan de salvar los bancos, los super ricos perderían la inmensa mayoría de su desproporcionada riqueza y poder.
Lo gracioso es que ocurrirá tarde o temprano porque el agujero negro de la banca es muchas veces mayor que el total de la economía mundial. Y por mucho que abusen de su poder para seguir alimentándolo a costa de todo y de todos, deuda que no se puede pagar, no se pagará.

Why are we bailing out the banks? Part One. The Simple Answer

What these two graphs tell us is that if the big banks had been wound up 80% of Americans would have lost almost nothing. Whereas the top 5% would have lost the vast bulk of their wealth and therefore their power. 
It will be countered that we would have all lost  from the decline in our pensions. True. But there is still no getting away from the above charts. The wealthy have most of the pensions. In fact they own most of the pension companies. The poorer you are the less pension you have to lose. Many of those at the  bottom have no pension at all. That is what these charts say. 
But wait, as the saying goes, there is more. In America there is about $1.6 trillion in printed dollars and deposits for which currency backing exists. That is state printed, state backed money. This is the stuff that you and I get paid in and have in our bank account.  However there is another $5.4 trillion in unbacked ‘money substitutes’ and somewhere around $53 Trillion in credit. For credit read debt backed assets and derivatives of all sorts. These are the forms of ‘money’, electronic, banking money in which the wealthy have most of their wealth. These are also what would be wiped out if the banks were not continually bailed out but were to be wound down instead. 
This is what frightens them and what has dictated that the banks be bailed out. Unlike us in the 80%, the financial class hold most of their wealth in financial and ‘paper’ debt-backed form. If the present crop of huge banks were to be wound up, what would virtually disappear would be that thunder cloud of debt/credit-held, derivative wealth. 

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